Application Development

Our application development process is design-led.
We take a complex process and deliver a simple solution.

The path to doing this well is User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. Once we understand the new app’s goals, we research the market place. From there, we create personas (user types) and a road map of how the app will work. Wire frames (rough sketches of what the app will look like) are drawn up and tested with real users.

This process allows us to find potential problems or road blocks early in development – the best time from a budget point of view. We test, refine and test again. Once we’re satisfied we have the best possible solution, work on the app starts in earnest.

We use the best tried and tested technologies to deliver excellent app performance. Cloud-based and easily scalable frameworks are used to get the best UX – whether the app has a handful or thousands of users.

We do all of this with a focus on delivering the best value for money and return on investment for our clients.

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Feasiblity Studies

We determine if the idea or concept has legs as a first step. This means research and numbers.

UX/UI Design

The process that creates the best possible experience for the user.

Cloud based

Our app's live in the cloud - no updates for the user, no back ups, always accessible.


We use frame works that allow sudden increases in use, without missing a beat.

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